by The Rakes

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The debut release from Sacramento indie band The Rakes.

We regret to inform that as of January 14th, The Rakes have disbanded. As a result, It's No Sam Records will be giving away their EP for free for an undetermined length of time. Download and enjoy.


released January 3, 2012

Mason Dean- guitars, vocals, synths
James Thames- drums, vocals
James "Rhodey" Rhodes- bass

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by M. Dean in his house, J. Thames' room, and Room 19.

Produced by The Rakes.



all rights reserved


It's No Sam Records Sacramento, California

It's No Sam Records is the private, independent label started by Mason Dean, a Roseville-based solo artist and co-founder of the Sacramento indie rock bands The Rakes and The House Of Guise.

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Track Name: The Bridge & The West Bank
My life began
Below the bridge
Pushing through car tires
On a broken fridge

I found my treasure
On the west bank
In the form of a maiden
Just desperate for a drink
She said

"I've come to the end,
So why are you here?"

So go down to the bridge
Fish out your heart
I'll back out the car
And leave you behind

And go to the corner store
Where sits the old man, who's
Still too drunk to even
Raise his hands

I'm going down to the bridge
I'm gonna back this car right in

I'm going down to the bridge
I'm gonna back this car right in
And it'll be a nice circular ending
To all of these evil things

But before I go, I have
Just one question for you dear
If indeed I have reached the end
Why are you here?
Track Name: Bi-Coastal
The sky
Look at the sky
Dark and cold
The way we always pretend we want it to be

East coast winters hurt
But west coast winters are just plain depressing

Your eyes
Look at those eyes
Wild and bold
The way I imagine love should be

East coast kids might get you down
But west coast kids will just tear you apart

Origins don't matter much
When there's space between
Where we are
And where you used to be
This bi-coastal phenomenon
Is just life for me

The sky
Look at the sky
Dark, deep
The way I remember your eyes

You say, "I'm gonna get outta here,
"But I don't know where I will belong..."

Your face
Such a pretty face
You should be in the movies
You belong in some sort of pictures

But, though these east coast kids get you down
The west coasters will tear you to pieces

Track Name: What's Called Home, Part 1
Leave a note by the door
In my shoe, on the floor
Write your name a hundred times
See if that will change your mind

I bet it don't
I say it won't

I could talk you down
I could wash you clean
I could save your life
But it wouldn't mean a thing

Feed the cat, wash the pans
Drop your glass, cut your hands
Curse and cry, shout to your lord
See if he will heed your demands

I bet he don't
I say he won't

I could talk you up
I could run this scene
I could take your life
But it wouldn't mean a thing
Track Name: All The Girls
All the girls at the show tonight
Sing and write better than I
Maybe that's because I don't try hard enough
Maybe that's because I don't feel enough

Maybe I just want one of them
To come home with me
Watch the sun rise
Over the city

Maybe then she'll take my hand
Decide she loves me
Maybe then I can make her understand
She should leave me be

Every time I close my eyes
I dream I'm asleep in the trees
But with those city lights still above me
'Cause I don't know what I really need

Maybe you were right
Maybe I don't care
Maybe I always planned to just
Leave you here

But then
Why would you want to know?

So tonight I'll sleep in the trees
Where my future lovers won't ever think to find me
Because I'm afraid of the though of a family of my own
But still I wait for you by the phone
Track Name: Questionable Love
Put out the lamp, dear
And climb into bed
I'll pretend to be certain
But I just hate being alone

What if you killed your brother,
What would your mother say?
Best you never tell your father
They'll never make amends afterall

So I'll keep you here
'Til one of us turns sour

"Is that your heart I hear?"
It's a question that I dread
A question of love
Deep within your bones

So did you clean up the scene
Or did you leave a mess for the police to find?
Have you decided how you're
Going to explain that night?

Well I will keep you here
'Til love loses its power

Just don't think
Ill of me when it does
Because I don't want to end up
Alone all over again

And I've been with
Snake charmers
Love makers
Fast talkers
Life savers
So tell me how

How did you come to stand here?

It's a questionable love
That's gonna bring us down
I think it's time
That we skip town